Cold, rainy mornings, shorter days --- winter is definitely here. It's time to rug up and lounge with a warm cup of tea in front of the fireplace.

Winter may not be the season all Australians love, but it's definitely something lots of people look forward to. Melbourne offers activities aplenty during this season, despite the gloomy weather. This year, I will find time to explore and enjoy what Melbourne winter has to offer.

I barely got the change to write about our snow trip last year, so I'm making time to write about it now.

It was a fun-filled day trip with a few friends -- all of whom were excited to build a snowman! We went to Lake Mountain Alpine Resort, which is Melbourne's closest alpine resort. The resort offers snow sport lessons, tobogganing, bush-walking, and other boardwalk activities.

Before going on a scenic drive to Lake Mountain, check their website for more information on the weather, resort rates, booking and equipment rental, and vehicle chain requirements. During the winter season, especially in Melbourne, it always pays to come prepared for anything and everything.

I arrived one cold autumn morning, but you welcomed me with your summer warmth. 
You made my stay as unpredictable as your weather, yet I look forward to more exciting adventures. 
Happy 2 year of togetherness, Melbourne❣

Searching for a brunch place in Melbourne CDB, I stumbled upon The Hardware Societe. They're rated quite high by Zomato at 4.6 with several good reviews and they serve matcha latte! What more could I ask for?

The Hardware Societe is a quaint cafe with bright interiors, just a few tables, and outdoor seating. The staff is very welcoming, despite the cafe's busy atmosphere. The waiting time is approximately 30-45 minutes, so plan your day ahead and come at an early time to avoid the crowd. The place gets packed during peak hours, which makes it not suitable for big groups and families with prams. 

Deux Baked Eggs - chorizo sausage, potato, pequillo peppers, queso, toasted almond
This tasty dish is served with warm bread on the side -- just enough to make you full. You can never go wrong with baked eggs.

Definitely matcha made in heaven!

It's a family tradition to go out of town to celebrate Easter. This year, we decided to take a break from our busy schedules, and explore the amazing sceneries of Bright, Victoria. 

Bright is situated in the Great Alpine Road just over three hours drive from Melbourne. The place is known for its beauty in every season, particularly in autumn with the natural beauty of the European trees changing color before winter. (

Sullivan's Lookout Mt. Beauty
Apex Park Wangaratta
Wandiligong Maze and Cafe
Mt. Beauty Pondage
Bright Splash Park

Bright has a lot to offer for families and solo travelers -- paragliding, bushwalking, fishing, kayaking, biking, skiing, hunting, and frolicking in their weekend markets. 

The weather was perfect all throughout our stay, and Bright just mesmerised us with its natural beauty. It was indeed a memorable trip, especially for the kids. 

We're definitely visiting Bright again, perhaps in the winter the next time around.

"Everything in life has its own time. There is time to celebrate and there is time to mourn. This is the time for reflection and transformation. Let us look within and change into what we ought to be."  -- Aaron Saul

Today is the first day of autumn when leaves start to fall. For others, it's the first day of spring when flowers start to bloom.

Today, I am grateful for the year that was,
And I am looking forward to another 365 days of surprises, new discoveries, amazing adventures, and lotsa love.

To all who sent their birthday wishes, to my family who gave me nothing but feelings warm and fuzzy, to friends old and new who sent their hugs and smiles from all over the world, thank you!

And to you who made this day extra special.. 

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